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Edward Sherrington

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Hello, my name is Ed Sherrington.

I have excellent communications skills; having worked in hospitality, event marketing, and I have training both in Journalism and SEO. Beyond that it is simple, I have a passion for film.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree is in English literature and Film Studies from the University of Cape Town but I also have experience in technology and communications.

I have also worked with small productions and directed short reel audition tapes for a company in London. This involved creating scenes with the correct lighting props, camera angles and sound, as well working face to face with actors ensuring they give the best performance relative to their monologue. I also monitored the editing that followed.

I am proficient in SEO online tools as well as Microsoft Office and Wordpress, having blogged and created professional presentations for big clients in the past. I worked in the creation and development of events during marketing campaigns as well as building their SEO and social media presence.

I am also a musician and creative writer and I always try to translate these interests into all aspects of my work.

I have an excellent grasp on the English language and its rules. This is shown by both my 2:1 degree in English Literature from the University of Cape Town and my qualification in Journalism.