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Shape Berlin - Creative Exchange

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SHAPE is an educational center dedicated to artistic creativity. Our Cultural Association aims to give a space where the pieces of our community come together to share knowledge, skills, tools and projects to ultimatley form the bigger picture. Through the sharing of ideas in all areas of the artistic scope, including, but not limited to music, media, performance and creative thinking, we connect to develop an eclectic and ever transforming whole.
SHAPE is born to offer an alternative platform and permanent laboratory for the learning of advanced professionals and young creatives who want to expand their areas of expertise through exposure to various creative disciplines. Apart from that, SHAPE also offers entry-level courses, aiming at all those inquiring minds that want to get closer to the world of artistic creativity.
An inter-disciplinary focus is the core of SHAPE. In joining together we become one morphing puzzle capable of tearing down the barriers that divide disciplines and creative expression. While we as individuals are independent creative beings, when we unify we become a ‘think tank’ with limitless inspiration and support from each other. Through experimentation and project development, SHAPE aims to expand and strengthen interactive opinion exchange as well as to encourage collaboration between contemporary artists, students and teachers.