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Schaufler Lab@TU DResden


Facing the future with art and science
With the Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden, TU Dresden and THE SCHAUFLER FOUNDATION have established a lively forum for a forward-looking dialogue between science, art and society. In this project, young researchers and artists come together across disciplinary boundaries to question current technologies, their origins, and their impacts on our modern world.
The Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden consists of the Schaufler Kolleg@TU Dresden and the Schaufler Residency@TU Dresden. It brings together (early-career) researchers and international artists. Both the fellows and the artists are committed to an explicitly transdisciplinary research methodology at the interface between science and art.
In the Schaufler Lab@TU Dresden, researchers and scholarship holders from various disciplines in the humanities and social sciences cooperate with artists as well as with researchers from the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Partner institutions are TU Dresden's Clusters of Excellence.