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Schalterraum - Projektgalerie für Kunst, Arbeit und Geld

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Aside the Berlin mainstream, Schöneweide has developed into a place with a vivid, exciting, diverse and engaged creative scene that has finally found a physical representation in the former Sparkasse at Wilheminenhofstr. 82A, 12459 Berlin.
The 190 m² large former hall on the ground floor (plus vault) develops into an exhibition space that radiates throughout Berlin and engages with the broader topics of art, work and money.
« Make Money ! / Macht Geld ! » was the title of the first group exhibition in Schöneweide’s new project space Schalterraum - Projektgalerie für Kunst, Arbeit und Geld. As a critical reflection to the opening of the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle last year, the exhibition started with a performance staged as an ironic mise-en-scène queue in front of the Schalterraum.
On the 13th of June all Schöneweide artists were called to bring by one piece of work to stack the white walls up to the ceiling. With the call to occupy their own space for 24 days we stated an alternative by showing the autonomy of the artists and confront the audience with the contradictory connection between art, work and money.

art direction: Albert Markert
project management: Marlene Lerch & Mareike Lemme

Save the date: 6th December 2014 / 7 pm, Opening
Gerd Pilz | Wolfram Spyra
curated by Franziska Rutishauser