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Schahram Poursoudmand (ONEVERYMOON)


Schahram Poursoudmand is a German composer, music/sound artist, visual imagist and poet.

Award-winning and worldwide presented artistic works. Presentations, festivals and exhibitions: Tokyo, New York City, Paris, Venice, Barcelona, Seoul, Toronto, Saint Petersburg, San Francisco, Berlin, Centre for Contemporary Art Barcelona, National Museum of Modern Art Nimes, Center for Contemporary Art Beijing, World Financial Center New York City etc.

Creator of extraordinary music, sound and visual art of a unique kind. In the avant-garde projects LICHTPHON, ONEVERYMOON, LICHTSCHREI, SHINE and ART-AVANT, he realizes his artistic visions of music, sound, visual image and video art. Existence, time, deconstruction, transcendence, the infinite moment, the unknown are some of the themes in his work.

Music, sound/visual works, films, photo art, theatre works, CD releases: „Silhouettes Iconique (LICHTPHON/IKONEN 1)“, „Schmutziges Licht (Lichtphon Art-Avant X)“, „Auf Ewig (Lichtschrei/Lichtphon)“, „SOURCE“, „SHINE - inthecentre“, „theprimitivecreature“, „biomechanics“, „Ein Zeichen“. Soundtrack for the award-winning drama “After the Day Before (Másnap)" together with Arvo Pärt, György Ligeti. Cooperation with the Swiss artist and Oscar winner H.R. Giger. Soundtracks to the paintings „Biomechanics“, „The Shiner“, „The Primitive Creature“, „New York City“.

Schahram Poursoudmand creates unique and unreal worlds of music, sound, visual art and poetry.