Sally de Courcy

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My interest in making is highly personal, building repetitively where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I began by casting repeated abstract forms to create more complex arrangements, by magnifying repetition of imperfection.At art school, when I was challenged to make the abstract more personal. My work is not autobiographical in the figurative sense, but like many artists explores the liminal space between conscious representation and unconscious influence.

Early in my medical training, whilst young and working in the developing world, I was exposed to the suffering of refugees from a genocidal regime. Much of my work revisits these experiences as a witness of human suffering, reinterpreted through a historical and geopolitical lens, informed by my wider reading. Recent authors who have directly inspired me include Butler and Zizek. More recently my work concerns humanitarian aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic as an observer and participant, a prematurely retired medical practitioner and an immunocompromised artist living in social isolation.

Using varied materials, I cast repeated contextually linked objects that when perceived are re-assembled to reveal a hidden narrative. My work is frequently decorative but hiding darker and often sinister subjects that when revealed create dissonance. The sum is like an optical puzzle, oscillating between beauty and nightmare. I use repetition to emphasis my ideas and concerns within this overall gestalt.