Round Lemon


Round Lemon is an online platform run by up and coming artists, for up and coming artists. Our aim is to provide a community space for artists to:
- Participate and host various workshops.
- Sell their work through our Art Shop.
- Engage and post about art through ZEST.
- Find out about art events and opportunities in the UK.
Our mission as an online arts collective is to provide a safe space for artists online, to share their ideas with other like-minded people. It was important that we launched this initiative during lockdown, to create a sense of community in what seems to be quite an isolating time. If you consider yourself an artist, art student, artist educator, or have any general interest in art, then Round Lemon is relevant to you. This is your space to participate, whether it be just tuning in to read ZEST content, or maybe you envision yourself hosting a workshop and selling your work