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Queens Collective


Community Art Space in Marrakesh

The QUEENS COLLECTIVE is a community art space in Marrakech, Morocco.

Queens Collective aims to provide arts and cultural opportunities to artists from around the world and the local community through exchange and sharing of artistic skills, exhibitions, screenings, performances and collaborative creation.

Queens Collective hosts a residency programme where the artists in residence work, experiment, live, discuss, eat and network for a period of 3 months in Marrakech, Morocco.

The residency programme is for multidisciplinary artists, particularly with social and critical art practices, that can engage local communities to reflect on feminist and gender-related topics in a postcolonial site-specific context.
The framework of the residency programme is partly created by the Queens Collective who offer fundamental guidelines, formed from our years of experience operating in the Marrakech Medina, and by the needs and aims of current artists in residence which are in constant flux. As an artist in residence you merge and adapt to the identity of the Queens Collective.

QUEENS COLLECTIVE has interest in cultural activism, feminism, community engagement and artistic exploration.

QUEENS COLLECTIVE is founded and run by artists of different backgrounds, promoting social transformation and productivity through artistic, cultural, and educational programs.