Porto Design Biennale 2021

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Organized by esad—idea, Research in Design and Art and promoted by the Porto and Matosinhos Municipalities, Porto Design Biennale aims to promote Portuguese Design in dialogue with the global context, taking on the role of the discipline in building culture, critical knowledge and responses to the most pressing issues posed by contemporaneity.
Committed to the Porto and Matosinhos’ territory and identities, valuing craftsmanship, embodiment and material experience, Porto Design Biennale presents itself as a broad-spectrum thinking exercise. It stems from the local context and dynamics to trigger speculation and debate on global issues. Thus, Porto Design Biennale seeks to become a platform for dialogue between society, academia, industry and both national and international institutions and cultural agents.

Though concentrated over a short period of time, the series of exhibitions, conferences, workshops and publications that make up Porto Design Biennale aim to leave an imprint of debate and thinking about Design as a contemporary discipline of great prominence and responsibility concerning collective and environmental survival.

Porto Design Biennale aims to create moments for discussion and inquiry, but also, and mostly, a space for celebrating Design, its positive assertion and pervasive growth in an inclusive and sustainable society.