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POLARI PRESS is the UK’s only publishing house dedicated to LGBTQ+ writing. We're run by queers, for the queer community. We aim to provide a platform for marginalised, excluded and disenfranchised LGBTQ+ writers across the UK to create a space for dialogue, artistic experimentation and rebellion. We see writers and artists not only as people already being recognised for their work, but anyone with an urge to make a mark to enact change, internal or external.

We are a publishing house and art collective. We publish short fiction, plays, essays, and poetry by queer writers, and run workshops within the community to overcome boundaries of class, borders, abilities, education and ethnicity. Every year, we also compile a triannual anthology of vital work being made by queer creatives left outside by the mainstream art world. In doing so we seek to break down hierarchies within and outside of the community, and to dismantle the power structures underlying white cis-heteronormativity. We open the doors (and pages) and invite everyone to join us in queering the London literary scene.