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Cluster e.V. aims at establishing a digital platform that connects artists, creative professionals, advocates, benefactors, and enthusiasts across the globe. At its philosophical core, Cluster is a network based on a rhizomatic structure.
Cluster maps art-related agencies, cultural associations, galleries, artist houses, and residency possibilities around the globe with the intention of simplifying collaboration and interaction among these various actors. Such connections have the potential to help an artist or creative professional enter the marketplace, access residencies, and find general support, while also creating mutually beneficial opportunities for advocates and enthusiasts to gain exposure to artists they may not encounter otherwise. In addition, Cluster is designed to foster conversation and collaboration between other creative professionals and to connect supporters of the arts and creative practices.
Cluster is based on an open structure instead of a closed system. It works by establishing an experimental ground, upon which its members actively contribute to its growth and operation. It is, in essence, a form of permanent on-going research and a conceptual artwork.

Cluster affirms itself as project in a state of becoming.

Its conceptual framework was imagined during the Plateau Gallery experiment - a Berliner open gallery for multidisciplinary contemporary art.

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