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“I had the idea while traveling through Asia. I was so fascinated with the culture, I began taking pictures of everything, but mostly people in their everyday lives, and often without them even noticing. Back home, people would compliment me on my photos, and suggest that I should try and sell them online. This felt so wrong to me, as the subjects of my pictures weren’t even a part of the equation – despite them being the reason why my photos turned out so great.” (Thomas Heinrich, founder)

Photographers often rely on the Internet to sell their pictures. However, almost never do the subjects of their work profit. This is where we come in: it’s Photocircle's mission to bring those people back into the picture. In collaboration with non-profit organizations, we want to give something back to the protagonists of our photos. So with Photocircle, whenever a picture is sold, both the photographer and Photocircle donate up to 50% of the profit to finance a social project in the country or region where the photo was taken.

We focus on high-quality fine art photography by talented and renowned photographers. Photocircle offers pictures on canvas, alu dibonds, fine art paper and acrylic glass in different sizes. We also have an option whether you wish to frame your print. All of our products are manufactured locally. We have a photo lab in Germany for the German market, and in the USA for the US market. This cuts down on shipping costs and is environmentally friendly.