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Philemon Mukarno

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Philemon Mukarno, performance artist, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He studied at Codarts, University for the Arts in The Netherlands. He finished Cum Laude and received the Prize for Art.

Mukarno is a unique figure in Contemporary Art. The use of of his own body is one of his trademarks. The performances demonstrate in their own way his original ideas and his strife for intense expressiveness, in a language that does not refer to tradition. Each piece has a strong economy of Means and a strict control of Form. Means and Form are use by Mukarno in an elementary and powerful way.

His works are performed on International Performance Art Festivals as: Gamelan Festival in Yogjakarta, Indonesia, El Segundo Festival International Arte Contemporánea in Lima, Peru, Rotterdam Art Biennial, Internationale Studienwoche für Performance Art 2016 in Lunenburg, Germany ,Internationaal Gamelan Festival Amsterdam (IGFA) and Art Eterna Dubrovnik.