Paula Elion

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Argentinean-Israeli Artist working in Tel Aviv and Berlin. I graduated from the Midrasha School of Art, Beit Berl, Israel. Recipient of Ministry of Culture 2019 prize for independent artists. Participated in Berlin Takt and GlogauAIR residencies.

Artist statement:
To whisper. Not shout. To suggest. Not determine. To ask – without expecting finite answers. Creating works the viewer can relate to from their own point of view. My inspiration often comes from films, stories, social media, family albums, etc. I experiment with materials like cloth, cardboard, old books, oil paints, acrylic, markers.
Being an immigrant artist and a child who travelled back and forth between Argentina and Israel, I feel that in order to interpret my work, one has to think of the term “translation”. When we use a term in different languages, it takes on new baggage and connotations. I see the act of painting as an act of meta-lingual translation. An act that transmits a variety of cultural contexts through the same “word” – or in my case – the same image.
My visual vocabulary incorporates a process of abstraction and converses with both figurative and expressive painting. In addition, although my work carries an ongoing dialog with forms of representation and painting – which are common to each of the cultures that I am part of – I remain a spectating outsider