Paul Delpani


Statement: Allways try to push the borders of creativity

Born in Vienna in 1966 – in the chinese zodiac of a fire horse – I always had strong ties
towards arts, starting to photography at the age of 12.
I started to exhibit my work in 1999.
Trained on processes I use photography conceptionally, mainly thinking in series, giving them a meaning. These were and are on exhibition mainly in the Vienna surroundings. In 2018 I started to focus on international possibilities to promote my work and had been shown alongside with Vienna already in Bangkok, Texas, Glasgow, Budapest, Venice and in Rome so far.
In 2019 my own space – Atelier nunartig – was opened showing own works and those of
others on invitation.
Winner of LAB 14 contest of Malamegi Group in 2020.

With a commercial family background I got economically trained and finished of the
Economic University in Vienna. Though I never lost the contact to my artistic roots of
photography and even started oil painting and aquarelle.
In a combination of these methods and with the eagerness to find a stylistic exprimation I
started to work with alternative processes, namely cyanotypes.

In 2008 I started to practice yoga, concentrating on Lu Jong style, which is also called
moving meditation. In 2017 I got a teacher for this yoga styl.e