Anna Dominika Wieckowska


OVSKA (Anna Wieckowska) is a Polish visual artist living and working in Berlin, Germany.
Anna’s earliest memories were filled with art and craftsmanship. Whether she was learning how to knit and embroider with her grandmothers, creating tiny pieces of paper art from cutting folded napkins, or watching her mother sew extraordinary costumes for her brother and herself – Anna grew up surrounded by very creative and manually skilled women. Their influence had a huge impact on her artistic sensibilities as well as her vision of shapes and colors.
Anna’s background in art history, mid-century furniture and design influenced the way she works today – searching for an unique meaning of craft and shifting her focus to fine art.
Anna works intuitively – by hand-cutting paper pieces and rearranging them. With a current focus on collages, she combines paper cuts of different ages, shapes, and structures including recycled materials to create uniquely abstract compositions.