Ovidiu-Valeriu Bojor


My name is Ovidiu-Valeriu Bojor. I graduated in
2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at the University of Arts and Design from Cluj-Napoca in Romania and I try to build a career in art. Right after graduation I moved to Barcelona. Here I try to build carrer and become a successful artist. My work is generally experimental in nature and
I try to explore every medium in which I can express myself creatively, thus my artworks took many
forms. From paintings on canvas to virtual reality. I try to develop my own style and be part of contemporary artists who exhibit all over the world. Until then, I work hard and perseverance, but I want to start
I think that exposing the works I have done so far is an important step in order to succeed. I had
only one personal exhibition in Romania in 2018 at Expo Marato, but since then I have evolved and
created a lot of works of art that I feel it would be time to exhibit. My collection counts hundreds of
works, gathered after experimenting with different techniques and mediums. My most recent works are
paintings on canvas and on wooden panels, but also works related to new media art, specifically virtual
reality and augmented reality.