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Oleg Kharch


Ukrainian artist in figurative, new Ukrainian naive(quasi-naive), post-conceptual direction of movement in contemporary art. His work ranges from street projects, artistic collages to traditional painting. Many works are in the form of collage –mixed techniques of graphics with letters, words, syllables and author’s hand –books.
His art was part of Mashrou’ Proletkult (2016), September 17th international conference of artists, architects and artists, where speakers will publicize their ideas and share their thoughts on various aspects of modern social life. Oleg represented Ukraine with a project called: -“The Chronicle of an not announced War” (Vatnaya buch halteria), which is the book artist visualized as an independent art object. “My participation in the exhibition is to support the initiative of the artists themselves. Presentation of Ukraine demonstrates the fact that we are also interested in this idea. The work that will be presented in Lebanon, a reflection on war and the tumultuous events of recent years “, –says Oleg Kharchenko. Kharch is an author who consistently conflicts with conformism and various forms of attraction in contemporary art.