norberto spina

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One of the concept thay I aim to express with my art is /periphery/. Periphery through time, as in being forgotten, and through space, as in being lost. But, most importantly, periphery, in relation to human social life. In big cities, the identity of the individual can be nullified by anonymity and lack of purpose. However, I take this to be a mirror of the contemporary urban lifestyle, in which every element has its own peculiar nature, its own interiority, which sometimes leads to a sense of revelation.
The pictorial practice I developed helps me to communicate what I see, feel and believe through the idea of generating abstractions both pictorial and plastic, deeply rooted in to reality. My work is created in two main steps: layering, summing up paints, recovery materials, images or codes and then subtraction, which originates from scratching with blunt objects and abrasive cards, trampling and consuming the surface of my canvases. This process is often a long and suffered path, where I bring the canvas to its own limits: it cuts, injures and becomes scarred. This allows me work the canvas any time differently and uniquely.