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BORCH Gallery & Editions was established in Copenhagen in 1979 with the aim of bringing emerging and established contemporary artists to work seriously with print media by producing projects that stand as significant, self-contained works of art. The aim has been to find ways of bringing the essential character of the artist’s work into their print projects. The artist and the printer mutually challenge each other, and occasionally come up with innovative or unorthodox approaches to the medium.

Niels Borch Jensen has over the years established a position as one of the most competent printshops in classical graphic techniques.

Most of our editions are in classic intaglio techniques using copper printing plates, but since 1990 photogravure has become an area of special expertise for the printshop as it is one of the most popular techniques among the artists. As well as photogravures, we produce woodcuts, offset-lithographs and monotypes.

The Print-making, always done in-house at our Copehagen facilities, is a close collaborative process between the artist, Niels Borch Jensen and his team of master-printers: Mette Ulstrup and Julie Dam. The collaboration usually continues over many years and projects.

Our gallery space in Berlin was subsequently opened in 1999. In our current space in Berlin - Charlottenburg we present the published print projects done in collaboration with both emerging young artists and leading contemporary artists.