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Marco Ristuccia

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I'm an Italian fine art photographer born in Syracuse (Sicily) in 1971. After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering I attended the Master class in professional photography at the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan.

My technical background provides me with a particular inclination towards deep conceptual analysis and strong formal balance, with a bit of an ironic drift typical of his Italian culture.
My main work covers reportage, documentary and conceptual photography.
My current approach to story-telling maintains a distance from the subject. Through a formal composition I try to counteracts the weirdness of the recorded situation. I'm not going to search empathy with the subject, my link is instead towards the scene as a whole, seen from the outside with a cold and mindful sight. Thus, in my vision people and objects assume the same value inside the image's boundaries.
On the other front, my recent conceptual research aims to overcome the classical key point of photography, which consists in capturing a single instant in space and time (the well known "decisive moment" of Henri Cartier-Bresson). In projects such as "Around" or "One, No One and One Hundred Thousand" I'm trying to condensate together different frames of the same subject. This creates a complex stratification of details and gives the viewer a richer and deeper dimension to explore while maintaining the power of visual synthesis that photography offers in respect to cinematography.