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Mariana Mourato

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I was born in Setúbal in 1991. I studied in an artistic high school in Lisbon, which was my biggest propellant to pursue a career in arts, due to the amazing inspiring teachers i met there. i would commute everyday to Lisbon, which gave me the opportunity to pass above the Tejo river twice a day. it was my favorite moment of reflection and contemplation.

after that I have been working and living in different countries so far, be them Holland, Germany and UK. i studied fine arts in Évora, pt, where i had the chance to assist a french artist, Perrine Lacroix. during this time i did a one year Erasmus program in Holland with incredible teachers where i assisted a dutch photographer and sculpture maker Maarten Heijkamp. currently, I'm back to my roots, Portugal. I found out that working near both the river and sea by the coast of Lisbon has been a great inspiration and source of balance both in my personal and professional life. It made me came back to themes of Nature in my paintings and watercolors.

My biggest inspirations have been Lucian Freud, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francis Bacon, Hundertwasser, Ai Weiwei and Marina Abramovic.