MoNTUE, museum of NTUE is a young and new museum in Taipei.

In 2011, MoNTUE was founded in the centennial National Taipei University of Education in Taiwan. It has always followed the principle of “Museum Continued” in its operations. Continuous public participations generate values in museums and sustain their lives.

As a new form of museum, MoNTUE attempts to shape its functions and significance organically, and to become a space to generate knowledge and innovative values to the public.

Based on academic resources in the university, MoNTUE moves beyond the boundary of university museums as an international platform. We are committed to connecting local and international institutions, curators, and artists in a network, and expanding to public sectors and audience, so experiences and knowledge can flow and benefit everyone.

Innovative and experimental, MoNTUE blurs the lines among people, museum space, and artworks, facilitates conversations among three parties, explores the unknown in disciplines, and continues to reinvent the museum.

As a lab that inspires imagination and creativity, MoNTUE converges visual art, performing art, moving images, sound, and technology.

History and culture in the university engages with avant-garde perspectives in contemporary art into innovative energy in art. It continues to renovate and reinvent the museum, and evolve formats in artistic and cultural exhibitions.