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Ivo DeCarvalho


MSc Interaction Design \ creative fireball \ art fiend \ graffiti toy \ tattoo probationer \ mélomane \ parkour coach


Interested in multimodal, ubiquitous (invisible) interfaces, drawing on biometric data to monitor physiologic stated and predict behavioural responses.

Nine years in Luxury/ Jewellery Retail: Team & Project Management, Advertising, Branding, Typography, proficient both Digital and Traditionally – with street art pieces commissioned by city councils and music venues, such as Rock in Rio

** Recent Achievements **
Managed & Executed a small scale recruitment (and training) of a new designer for the team: the whole process was a success and I was able to get two fresh talents hired (instead of one);

Headed and executed INFINITO – Festival de Arte Urbana na Torre branding identity & social media publicizing.

As a professional, Ivo aims to both broaden and deepen his proficiency in communicating ideas through digital technology, as well as acquire additional skills to meet the high expectations of well-designed and functional content for the end user, in an ethical, inclusive and pro-social manner.