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Music On Location

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MOL: Music On Location - Every room a venue.

Off the beaten paths, onto social tracks! If you like Couchsurfing, you'll LOVE the idea of MOL. Every room a venue, in every European country. Through MOL, traveling artists and bands make a fair deal with venueholders, to get audiences and a fancore that doesn't evaporate after doing a gig.

It's no longer just up to the artist/band to get a venue and audience. Through MOL, getting together a venue, audience and the perks of travel, is now a joint effort.

Potential venueholders in concentrated areas, find an artist, band or even complete multiple bill-evenings of musical dinnerparties, on our website. After bartering a deal, the venueholder and artist create a crowdfunding-style profile and begin to gain audiences, using their combined networks and that of MOL.

MOL is frequently in the area to program and produce festivals and gatherings, to create leverage for the performing artists.