Mnemosphere Project

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Mnemosphere is a research project born within Politecnico di Milano (Italy), that aims to investigate the different ways in which the identity and memory of places can be designed and communicated through atmospheric spaces capable of stimulating emotions.

By bringing together the skills and tools offered by the culture of design and paying attention to both new languages and new technologies, the research aims to contribute to the understanding of the links between memory, exhibition spaces and emotions by creating tools and guidelines that could support the design of spaces that go beyond the traditional concept of memorial sites. Mnemosphere therefore bases its approach on a synergistic collaboration between different disciplinary fields. The driving force of the research is the dialogue between the design of communication for the territory and the design of installations in the atmospheric dimension. The interdisciplinary nature of the research is then enriched with the study and analysis of emotions, colour perception, and the design of temporary spaces and services.

This research does not aim to give a single definition to the concept of “mnemosphere”, but intends to start from the intangibility of its substance and the plurality of voices it contains, in order to visualize and communicate it.