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Miguel Martin

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Miguel Martin (b. 1985 Belfast, UK) studied BA Fine and Applied Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast (2005-2008)

Martin works primarily through the mediums of traditional still life drawing and installation. Using personal experience as his material he explores the biography of objects and their associations with childhood memory, storytelling, and domestic spaces. By immortalising his chosen objects onto paper he breathes new life into their history by presenting more questions than answers.

The nature of the work appears familiar yet strangely foreboding, and evokes a sense of something more sinister. Anecdotal narratives behind each piece allude to notions of secrecy and subvert the classic definition of a still life, by creating suspense between what remains visible to the viewer and what is concealed.

Martin produces works on paper using simple materials such as Indian ink and pen. He approaches his freehand technique with careful execution, imposing a higher significance on the subject matter itself, and the rituals surrounding their mythology. By placing these objects within a public platform, the audience is invited to speculate on the mystery behind this intimate process, and project their own curiosity surrounding the origins of their existence.

He lives and works at Platform Arts in Belfast.