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Michael Wickham

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Photographer who spends his time between Sydney, Berlin and London

It was on a rusty cargo ship sailing between the islands of French Polynesia that I decided to become a photographer.

As soon as I returned home I quit my job and dove head first into photography. After studying the Diploma of Photography I moved on to cut my teeth working as an assistant for various studios and photographers.

I spent the following two years working with the incredible genius that is Anson Smart on massive campaigns for the likes of Apple, Qantas and Sheraton. Along with accruing a stack of frequent flyer points I learned how to create quality images with a humble and versatile approach.

Today I base myself in London while continuing to exhibit my work here, London, in my homeland Australia, and abroad. I have also begun to work commercially for a variety of clients.

I love experimenting with different mediums, materials and ideas and I still believe that film is far from dead and strive to bring its aesthetic into the modern era. With my ability to adapt, continuously evolving style and a deep passion for the medium I am excited about the photographic challenges to come.