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Michael Gatzke

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Michael Gatzke (*1957 in Cologne – B.F.A.) is a painter in the 21st century. An "out-of-time-fallen"? Because as everything is already painted, the artists of the new media and the participatory approaches are the current blockbusters. The "exhausted art form" of painting, on the other hand, finds itself rather in the corner of the regrets. Nevertheless, Gatzke is undaunted to be able to build on all the old painters. The artist has participated in exhibitions and art fairs in US, GB, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Belgium and Germany.

Figurine and landscape are his main theme and stand side by side. Image landscapes, increasingly complex, always with a narrative dimension. Gatzke’s installations and pictures are atmospheric. Then they breathe the conciliatory calm and boundlessness of a painterly and compositively newly created small universe. He tries to keep his works open, leaving the last step to the viewer. The puzzles must not be disbanded by the artist.