Metropolitan Fukujusou

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This house is a traditional kyo-machiya, that is an over 100-year-old historical building, which Kyoto city government has certificated.
As this old house was built in a time when Japan was not rich yet, the inside structure is simple and minimal. One of the artists who stayed here gave me a review that he felt something like Zen by being in this simple and minimal space, this simple lifestyle that seems comfortable after he got used to it, and the pure beauty in it, and he seemed to be able to have new inspirations.
Such an experience is just one example, but it would be pleasure if you can experience the Japanese traditional life which is being lost little by little even now in Kyoto and feel something from them.
We welcome people who can enjoy the experience of a different lifestyle.

The Okazaki area where this house (facility) is located is a cultural and artistic zone that represents Kyoto.
With the Okazaki Park facing the hydrophobic moat as the core, the Kyoto National Museum of Art, Kyoto City Museum of Art, Kyoto City Museum of Art Annex, Hosomi Museum of Art, Kansai Art Academy, Kyoto city Theater (Rohm theater), Prefectural Library, Industrial Hall (Traditional Industry Museum), Zoo, Shrine and Buddhist temples and many scenic spots will be lined up to help a wide variety of arts and creative activities of you, and will help you change your thinking /mind.

We have another traditional house as a studio, which is located 2-minute-walk from residence house.