Mauser ecohouse Artist Residency


The Mauser EcoHouse Residency Program is all about providing a beautiful, tranquil and inspirational space where artists can immerse themselves in their individual projects. Artists are encouraged to be self directed and pursue their own creative ideas.

This is the perfect place to come get healthy and creative.

As you walk around the miles of jungle and surrounding area smelling the flowers in the fresh clean air, you will encounter breathtaking views of the ocean and mountains.

The program focuses on furnishing artists with luxury accommodations, ample work space and serene surroundings so that individual or group projects can be worked on and creativity can flourish.

We are located within a small community in the mountains. Surrounding us is the jungle, breathtaking views, and miles of dirt roads and trails to meander, run or hike, and explore.
You will be in awe of the sunsets over the jungle and wake up to the singing of birds and phenomenal sunrises.

Included in the Residency 5 days a week is a continental breakfast and served (sit down) and gourmet vegetarian dinner. We use fresh produce harvested from our property or that is locally sourced.

The Residency is owned by the Mauser Harmony with Nature Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to promoting sustainability and an eco-conscious lifestyle.

We welcome applicants from all races, cultures and lifestyles.