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Matigan Art And Culture


Our art gallery was founded on a childhood friendship, a passion and love for art and minds full of questions and concerns. Art is our platform to share our feelings and ideas about almost everything from the beauties we see in life to social, cultural and political problems which our world are facing at this very moment, we started it cause we think art can help and is border less, so are artists, we want to give the same opportunity to all the artists around the world without considering any race ,gender, geography and religion for having a voice in an European society, it sounds simple but we believe our modern society still has a long way ahead to accomplish equality in all the ways possible. We want to give a platform for emerging artists from middle east to America and from Africa to Australia who is less heard for the very reason of these matters and we want to make this multi-cultural, international society of artists so they all can share their ideas about political issues, cultural improvements and obstacles and social challenges in their own land so people can be benefited from varieties and different points of views and experiences and evolve.