Martin Kramp

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I was born in 1971 in Aschaffenburg. As a child I have dealt, except for a few escapees, only little with art.
Only in 2007 it has really grabbed me and since then I deal intensively with the topics of painting and light art. It is always a matter of concern to me to get as close as possible to myself through art. To bring out what I feel.
In 2009, I founded the krampscher Freundeskreis with friends with the aim of exhibiting together. So we exhibited in July 2009 in the Eichenhaus in Laufach.
A very special exhibition took place in 2012 at Bahnhof Mainkur in Frankfurt, curated by Ahmad Rafi, who supported me a lot in my development. Here I showed my first light installation and thus discovered the theme of light and movement for myself.
Here I work with colours, light, video, noise and everything that wants to come....