MARIN Flora Michèle was a biologist, she fled the Romania of Ceausescu at the age of 45 with her daughter. Art is politics and a means of conveying a message. Her themes of work were poverty, exclusion, gender equality. She published her photographs as well as her visual arts works in the magazines Otoliths n°55, Levure littéraire n ° 11, MgVersion2 n ° 77, n ° 75, n ° 74, n ° 73, n ° 66, Tout pour le Freak n ° 3 , Arcane 18, n ° 1, Népenthès n ° 7, Cabaret n ° 17 and n ° 8. She exhibited her works at the "Open Days of the association Les Arts Joly", in 2005, at "Salon de la Photographie », of the 11th district of Paris, in 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2001, at the " Insolite Paris " exhibition, the 3rd arrondissement town hall, the CAES de Villejuif, at the" Artists of the Paris City Hall " event, at the " Salon des Hospitaller Artists of the Hundred and Fifty Years of AP-HP " at the Saint-Louis Chapel of the hospital group Pitié-Salpétrière, in 1999. Her creations illustrate the books of Alexandra Bouge, her daughter, « A Night in Belleville "," The City "and "The Camp" and her films, Egungun, Zangbeto Mask, Voodoo (1), The Fire Ceremony (1), The Fire Ceremony, Zangbeto (1), Zangbeto (2), Zangbeto (3).