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Marilina Marchica

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Marilina Marchica was born in 1984 in Agrigento,
After receiving her diploma at Liceo Artistico “Michelangelo” in Agrigento, she moved to Spain for the Erasmus project at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia and in 2008 she graduated in Painting at Accademy of Fine Arts in Bologna. She has taken part in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
she lives and works in Roma
The major creative focus of Marilina Marchica has always been with urban architecture and landscapes.
As a result, she de-contextualizes segments
and individual parts of landscapes and places and gives them a new
perspective in her abstract paintings. Also, Marilina believes, that when the
artwork is free of any form, space becomes more of a sensation and a
painting material becomes a protagonist. In this process, objects find new forms and different meanings. Therefore, through the artist’s mixed-media
minimalist artworks, the viewer travels through feelings of unknown
places, abandoned spots of their own memory.