marco siciliano

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Marco Siciliano (Caltagirone, 1991) is an italian artist based in Berlin.
He graduated in Interior Design in Politecnico di Milano and now is attending Sculpture Class at the Universität der Künste Berlin.

Through the analysis of psychosomatic pain and proxemics distances, within public and intimate places, he investigates relationships among bodies, transliterated into multidisciplinary works.
From pinned to applied collages, from kaleidoscopic projections to dental molds, without censorship, he refines the inconsistencies of eroticism.

Thanks to his previous studies, the space assumes a pivotal role for his research, a field where bodies acquire coordinates to appear, to hide and then disappear. Within a re-materialized physicality, a representative territory that makes man a figure of study, of approach without repulsions, nudity acquires the right of reply.
The body is hereby split in an orgy of forms, in intimate places or in unknown landscapes, while we silently observe its slow disappearance.