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Marija Mickeviča


Multimedia artist, currently studying Audio-Visual Communication.


I am an Audio-Visual Communication student from Latvia, but in the past year I have travelled a lot to Berlin to see my boyfriend, so few months ago I started living here and I'll also study my third year here, in Universität der Künste Berlin. I am also a musician in an electronic indie solo project MNTHA.

While studying in the Art Academy of Latvia, I have already had experience with the techniques and slight experimentation of typography, graphic design, illustration, print-making(screen-printing, linocut, monoprint, etc.) 3D motiongraphics, sound design, video montage, cinematography, photography, painting, etc.

I am always looking for opportunities to expand my views and to help my style become more defined. I consider myself a fast learner - I love to discover new ways of doing things, and solve things that I don't yet know how to accomplish.