Lukas Zerbst

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Lukas Zerbst creates interventions and site-specific installations in institutional or public spaces. He changes the physical structure encountered, manipulates electrical components or artistically intervenes in digital content, for example through live camera performances.
Although he uses physical material often, he addresses the immaterial constitution beyond it: We surround ourselves with artificially constructed spaces that serve as a safety shell for our daily routines: Habits, traffic, consumption, pleasure, etc. are reflected in architecture and everyday objects. Technology is fully implemented in our lives - Lukas turns it against itself. Smart home as house blessing or as a poltergeist.
His assumption that the unique encounter with art is always ephemeral brought him to performance art at first.
His proximity to the performing arts, which he is still committed to today, may have had a major impact on this early development. Later he found moments of such immediate encounter with viewers in his spatial interventions.
Lukas Zerbst lives and works in Bremen and Hanover. Meisterschüler of Jenny Kropp and Jean-François Guiton. 2020 Zerbst was at Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris. Awards include Stipent of Junge Akademie Berlin 2022, Kunstverein Hannover Prize, GWK Advancement Award 2018, Bremer Advancement Award. Shortlisted at Delfina Foundation in London.