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Luiz Bueno

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I am a maker and a researcher by nature. Curious and motivated to explore and combine digital fabrication methodologies with product and machine design to create objects of unique function and aesthetic intrigue. I am a limitless mad scientist and will not write off an idea until it has been tested or attempted.
After 4 years working in a Fab Lab in Germany, successfully instructed Fab-Academy at the Fab Lab Brighton (University of Brighton), where I was also the lab’s technician, now I have moved to Berlin where I remotely mentor Fab-Lab Brighton for Fab-Academy 2019. I also work with Hardware development for the Humboldt University Berlin and in my free-time, I keep developing my own projects, including the following:
Believing in recycling and upcycling, I’ve developed a big build 3D printer in order to produce big structures with recycled plastics.