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LUCKY TRIMMER is an independent curatorial dance platform engaged with physicality, movement and performance founded in Berlin in 2004. We stand between worlds by bridging the avant-garde and the mainstream and by combining artistic excellence with the lightness of entertainment. Our world revolves around contemporary dance but is open to all genres as long as the 3 LUCKY-rules are followed: be original, be bold and keep it under 10 minutes! Our view of the world is naive and fearless. Over the years, LUCKY TRIMMER has evolved using ideas drawn from the perspective of a child's mind: a lack of fear and expectation, the ability to lose one's self in the creative process, learning through explorative playfulness. We spotlight both emerging and established performing artists who ́s work captures our hearts and minds; provoke and blaze new trails. LUCKY TRIMMER presents a multi-faceted vision of what contemporary dance is today and by injectinig wonder, humour and risk-taking into its attitude, LUCKY TRIMMER has established itself as a mainstay in the Berlin cultural landscape.