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Are you ready for a musical love affair? Established in 2014 and now based in the heart of the vibrant melting pot that is Berlin, Love Sexy Records is ready to conquer the hearts of music lovers across the globe.

Do The Disco is a dance class that takes us back to 70’s urban dance moves popularized in New York Clubs, and on Soul Train. Although disco dancing has its origins in Afro-American, Latin and Caribbean dance, learning to “strut your stuff” is easy. All you need is some attitude, basic rhythm, and a sense of humour.
Whether you’re an absolute beginner, or a seasoned dancer, a Do The Disco class promises a fun, stylish, and safe way to keep fit, with easy to learn choreography and an irresistibly funky soundtrack.

Disco lovers rejoice...DJ Raw Sugar and Milly James present past and future dance floor dynamite galore. On Berlin radio station BLN.FM they're 'doing the disco' once a month with a selection of classic disco and boogie tunes and current and future disco-flavoured grooves. Tune in every second Thursday of the month on By the way, this will also give you a feeling for what will be happening at Love Sexy Records' monthly label party at Neu West Berlin.