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Lola ROssi

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I am Lola Rossi, French portrait and fashion photographer living in Berlin.

My photographs illustrate the struggle of coming of age in a disenchanted reality. I am passionate about the fragmentation of reality and how young adults perceive it. They are like grown up paranoiac beings, afraid of not having lived the present as it deserves to be. This distress and fear of missing out can be seen in their eyes for a second: I try to capture these moments of grace, of loneliness and fragility.
This phobia of time and the representation of memories make me alter my images like a visual blurring of memory. I burn my blacks, deform my subjects, play with the aberrations to tear loose my images from reality. My aesthetic is influenced by my attraction to the cinema of film noirs and science fiction.
I work with harsh contrasts, monochrome colours of dramatic shadows. This allows me to focus on one or two specific topics, regardless of the context in which they appear.