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Oliver O. Rednitz

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By pasting posters, I create intellectual sculptures that condense in public space and describe a social sculpture in the spirit of Joseph Beuys.

The increasingly privatized public space is regenerated by the posters and the viewer helps, shape and reinterpret it through his perception, language, thinking and acting. It‘s about foci of social life, places where people come into conversation. There the posters encourage discussion.

Based on the five world religions and the divine love, 24 posters of the series HELDENREISE describe the way to love yourself and your neighbor: I am who I am. You are me, I am you and we are all one.

When we internalize this fact, money and property, species, class, nationality and religion no longer matter. The power of love overcomes the love for power.

Unlike the advertising poster, my poster art is aimed at all citizens. The aim of my posters is not the need for more consumption and the attraction of selfishness, but rather guidance on social responsibility, love, respect and compassion.

Love is the knowledge of being one, knowing oneself in others. Everything is connected. Nothing stands for itself. Everything gets its existence through the other.

We are in a time marked by political and social unrest, new fears, exclusions, tensions and old hatred of the foreign and others. At a time when the dark side of our system is coming to light, I want to use posters to discuss the topics of love, compassion and oneness.