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Is promoting women artists ONLY with a special unique quality to it, we only represent women that belong to more than one culture as we believe that those works possess exceptional richness, strength, uniqueness and authenticity.

Our emphasis is on our artists being Intimists. That is we only represent artists who work alone without assistants, who's work has intimacy, that we can feel the person behind it, the touch and the closeness, someone's hand, that individual touch. As communication now days is all on the phone and the Internet, we represent artists who reach out for something more personal.

Art created by women is one of the most undervalued assets currently in the world. In many cases women earn just about 5-10% of what men earn for a sold painting. This trend now started to change rapidly. We want you to be part of our unique and adventurous journey of enrichment and discovery.

We promote top emerging and mid-career women artists with a unique quality to them, we only represent women that belong to at least two cultures. The blend of cultures and creation of new aesthetics has always been and will always be the 6th gear of these unique artists, a competitive advantage they have in respect to more local or national artists for their uniqueness, higher cultural level and the very unique High Culture that they are creating.​

The Gallery also has a 1 to 6 months Artist Residency in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by invitation only.