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Ksenia Parkhatskaya

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Ksenia Parkhatskaya hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia. She is a versatile artist. Her forte and main field of expertise is Jazz dance and Music.

Ksenia started as a professional Ballroom Dancer in Russia in 1998 - 2003.
Starting 2005 she got through an audition to a Musical Theater "Uventa" where she was playing leading roles, soloing dance parts in musicals. As well she directed her own monoplay "Black Coat" as a graduate work from a "Directing course". Monoplay has got into a weekely repertoire of the theater.

2009 Ksenia has discovered Swing Dancing and build up her way into being a unique, exceptional and internationally recognised Solo Jazz Dancer & Choreographer.

2010 Ksenia has started touring the world performing and teaching swing dance.
2012 She was invited to teach an Authentic Jazz course in Fontys Dance Academy, Tilburg, Netherlands.

As an instructor she has a reputation for her sparkling personality, inspiring joy for life through dance yet challenging material, high energy trainings . Her classes are an ocean of fresh innovative steps as well as solid knowledge of roots, challenging improvisation techniques, strong and subtle body movement work.

Ksenia holds solo dancing titles at one of the main Swing & Jazz dance events in Europe, and has danced the Charleston on Ukrainian So You Think You Can Dance, Ukraine's Got Talent.

Currently Ksenia is living in Berlin while continuously travelling with performances all over the world.