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Kyoung Yeon Jang

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My name is Kyoung Yeon (Kelly) Jang. I come from South Korea where I also was granted my PhD in fine arts from Hongik University. I will research classical and traditional artistic and religious themes on Still-life paintings. After a period of research I will compare the results with the history of painting from oriental paradise. And start with a series of installational art work in Berlin. I am currently staying in Berlin and I had two group show in here. I would like that I have Solo show or artfair in Berlin.
The artist_ Kelly J . (Ph. D. Kelly Jang)
With 12 private Solo exhibitions and two books of thesis on "A Study on the Expression of the Peach-Blossom Spring as the Paradise of Life," Kelly Jang received a Ph. D in fine art at Hongik University in South Korea. She has always agonized about life, death and paradise. She will continue her study on painting, photography and literature, which are her way of thinking. She also has plans to publish books concerning the oriental and occidental paradise through the interactions and harmonisations with the other cultures.