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Katie Delaney

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I earned my BFA in Art & Design with a concentration in Sculpture from Towson University in May of 2020. I am incredibly intrigued by fiber work and have been slowly introducing fiber techniques into my installation practice. However, I am interested in further exploring that medium and the processes traditionally associated with “women’s work.” I have traditionally used silicone molds to make plaster and concrete casts of extension chord plugs, outlets, music boxes, and even pine cones. Mold making is a meditative form of making that has resonated strongly with my practice. By including fiber methods, I have found that I am interested in the meditation found within repetition. Making an object over and over requires the same steps to be played out over and over again. But the discovery is simply that each repetition is not a carbon copy. The imperfections that come with attempting to clone an object, and in my work a memory, is something I want to further explore in my art making practice.