The Beautiful Error

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Based in Edinburgh, I am an artist working primarily in digital photography and print, but have recently moved into working with sculptural works combining geology and digital materials.


Technology can create visual problems. It is hard to see, it is difficult to understand the scale of or imagine as a physical infrastructure. Technology is hidden in code, buried in tubes, stored in data centres and the ‘cloud’. As a visual artist and photographer, I am exploring ways of how to bring the digital into physical spaces through sculptural objects and site-specific landscapes, visualising how the technological sublime will disguise itself or fossilise within the Earth’s strata millions of years in the future.

Currently, I am exploring the concept of fossilised technology. Going beyond cause and effect, the material language I consider traces the digital and its geological constraints. I explore the idea of the legacy our digital culture will leave on the earth through combinations of experimentation creating hybrid manifestations through sculpture and digital materiality. Like alchemy, specific works connect new media technology with archaic power. These ‘digital-mineral hybrids’ are hypnotic works that sit against a background of open, natural and urban landscapes as I tease the question of a glitch in nature. My online archive is a way of visualising imperfection in digital culture and exploring technologically inspired sculpture.