Juxtapose Art Fair


Juxtapose Art Fair is a new, non-commercial fair that aims to showcase and celebrate the diversity of the artist-run sector.

The first edition of Juxtapose Art Fair will be held in Aarhus, Denmark, June 4-6 2021.

The fair will present a juxtaposition of different initiatives from Denmark and abroad that are led and organized by visual artists, such as artist-run exhibition spaces, artist collectives, independent art publications, online platforms, and other projects that fall outside the walls of museums and commercial galleries. By bringing these initiatives together in one space, to be viewed side-by-side, the fair aims to highlight the unique profile of each project.

Juxtapose seeks to create visibility for artist-led initiatives in a welcoming atmosphere that engages a broad viewing public. We will showcase 20-30 initiatives through a combination of exhibitions, talks, and other activities that will unfold throughout Godsbanen - a creative hub in central Aarhus.

Juxtapose Art Fair also aims to create opportunities for mutual learning and international networking between the participating initiatives. The fair will feature a one-day conference (made in collaboration with AIM Network), a Nordic visiting curator program, and a series of targeted meetings and discussion groups.