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"a new generation artist and photographer"
two-time EMMY-winning digital journalist and director Katerina Cizek, MIT

"thank you for your emotional video"
Veronica Filipi-Modiglani, jury of the Enegan Art Prize, Firenze, Italy. link


"Joseph Ayerle, an experimental contemporary artist"
Royal Photographic Society (UK)

photographer, visual artist, book author, filmmaker:

In 2016 Joseph Ayerle publishes the book "The Colours of Rain". 2017 Joseph Ayerle was finalist of 1200 artists of a Firenze-based Biennale curied by M.Buonomo, director of Italys Nb. One art magazin ARTE ( "Concorso Nazionale di Arte Attuale and Biennale of the Academies of Firenze & Carrara".
In 2018 Joseph created the world's first movie with an AI actress/AI actor. (see wikipedia: FRENCH / German: )

The Royal Photographic Society shows Ayerle picture "one walker attack in the morning can ruin your whole day" 2018 in two exhibitions.

In 2019 the Massachusets Institut of Technology covers the AI realted work of Joseph in the study "Collective Wisdom".

In 2020 Josephs project "Paratemporealis" was shortlisted for the 2021 Canon Profifoto New Talent Award.

MIT Project: